Data and AI for Hospitality

Forcive helps you gathering the most out of your customer data lifecycle, while improving the customer experience.

Why Forcive?

Data is the lifeblood that fuels the pulsing hearth of your business.

Data regulates much more than the abstract mechanics underpinning your company.

Data tells stories of people and customers that you relentlessly serve and care about.

It's the awakening it's happening now.

We will be proud to be your partner during this amazing journey.

Forcive, it' your data arsenal.


Forcive is an innovative big data platform designed to capture any "live data", at extreme scale. It can be used to create intelligent, data-driven applications for improving experiences of consumers and users and to optimize operational processes. Forcive technology relies on a highly distributed and completely scalable architecture, that can be deployed on-premises or activated on the cloud.

Forcive platform embeds all the foundations to capture data from anywhere and to process, store and aggregate using our real-time streaming approach. So the data captured can be prepared, cleansed, blended, normalized, and aggregated in real time, to feed AI algorithms that can output valuable insights for innovative data-driven services into analytics, predictive and cognitive applications."

Vertical markets

“NOW open to cooperate with leading innovative Clients within strongly people-driven industries, that want make more clarity out of data and return extreme value during interactions”. Gabriel De Dominicis, Founder and CEO of Forcive.


Today consumers around your store are looking to experience something special. We help you instantly to get a living picture of what’s going on in store, and support the creation of intelligent promotions and messaging.


We help you in recreating a perfectly tailored experience for your guests taking care of them when they are far away from home. Our solutions are dedicated to estimate the customer lifecycle value and promise them amazing suggestions and rewards while staying at your hotel.

Online gaming

Use you historical data to communicate to your Gamers in real time offer them upgrades and offers on new and existing betting opportunities.

Tech Features

We can make any business better. Find out how.

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