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The origin of Forcive's idea

The Idea of Forcive is born when we start challenging the ability of Operating Systems, whether it is Windows, Mac OSX or Linux, to manage the data revolution.

All of these operating systems, can trace their origins to computing requirements that were defined over 30 years ago. They have been designed as a platform for executing business applications, with information representing just the raw material required by these applications.

In the last decade however, the role of information has changed dramatically, in terms of its structure (Multistructure), volume (Big Data) and significance to the organisation (Digital Company). Data and their related management and analysis, are in the centre of Digital Transformation driving company behaviour and growth.

Customer profiles, interactions and behavioural patterns, are used to drive go-to-market decisions and customer service. Sales intelligence and sensory metrics are driving product development and new offerings. Market analysis is driving mergers & acquisitions. In other words, information is driving corporate strategy, not applications. Yet, today’s Operating Systems are not designed to support these new data-driven business models. Data is organised and managed in a way that serves the business applications, not in a way that explores the value inherent in the information itself.

It has become clear that the approach needs to be reversed, and this is the reason why Forcive’s Information Operating System is a completely redesigned new concept, architected explicitly to put data value in the core of all business operations.

The Company Behind the Technology

EpyDoc Ltd is the company behind Forcive the first information operating system. We build Forcive, we provide software and services to make your life easier. We will soon also run Forcive University and sponsor the community, hosting Forcive Days all over the globe. With already many outstanding partners worldwide, we are close to where you do business.

We can make any business better. Find out how.

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